Avert Program

AVERT™ is an insurance product for the commercial trucking industry that includes camera technology. With this video-based insurance program, your fleet managers have unprecedented access to driver analytics.

AVERT™ partners with Lytx, the leading driver science company, to offer its fleet insurance partners a unique insurance solution that incorporates:

A bi-directional camera mounted on vehicle windshield

Simple plug and play setup

Precise tracking and accident re-creation

Real-time vehicle data recording sight, sound, g-force

Forward and rear views

GPS tracking of speed, latitude, longitude and heading

AVERT™ puts the Power of Predictive Analytics in your fleet management's hands!

Infinite-loop, digital recording

Exception-based triggers

Nightly uploads via cellular network for DriveCam analysis

Stored on internal 256 MB flash card

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AVERT program is a unique product that provides more than just an insurance solution. 

Value added risk control services as part of the insurance product, engineered to reduce frequency of accidents and focus on the leading indicators of poor driver behavior before accidents occur. 

Operational savings realized through improved driver behavior and lower maintenance costs. 

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